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Joy to the Pets

Pet Sitting Services

  • “My wife and I went on vacation; usually I have my dad watch my “Furry kids” as I really think of them. But he could not because he was 20160131_113314-1going to be out of town as well. We were going on a cruise and not reachable. So I got Joy to the pets to watch them and I don’t think Alex could have been a better choice. I was so re-leaved to get the text updates whenever we got to shore and coming home was the best thing ever. She had cleaned up the back yard and left us great notes. I can’t say enough great things about Joy to the pets and Alexi.” Nicky G – 8/22/2016


  • caramel “Went on vacation. Got a picture of my dog each day or two. When I got home there were notes for each days happenings. They also called me on vacation when they thought my AC had gone out. Lucky for me it was a false alarm. Very professional would use again.” Stephen R. – 8/21/2016



  • “For the first time since moving to AZ, my husband and I took a trip to visit family. The care of our cat Danger was a great concern for us while we were away.  We found Joy of the Pets here on  dustyFrom the first home visit with Kari to the regular updates (or as we joked “proof of life”) with pictures and details of the visits, we were very happy with the professionalism and care that Shauna and Kari showed to our Danger.  Allowing “strangers” in our home was a concern but again Kari and Shauna’s professionalism alleviated those concerns.  I definitely recommend this service to those in the Chandler area.” Rosie C. – 8/7/2016



  • “They are attentive detailed and caring. Trusting my dog with others, my loved Shiatzu, who is my only child, is not an easy task . They make me feel at ease. Thank goodness for Joy to the Pets.” Madge F. – 5/30/2016
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  • “I cannot say enough positive things about Joy to the Pets. We actually found them here on Yelp and chose them because of their glowing reviews– and they did not disappoint!! (And in fact, because we were referred to them from Yelp, they gave us a 10% discount on our first visit.) They were consummate professionals from beginning to end, and I would use Joy to the Pets for ANY future pet services.bill_sooty
    We scheduled an initial “meet-up” with Kari (one of the co-owners) and Val (the individual who was actually assigned to our account) to meet our cat, Scout, as well as to get an initial overview of services. They were both so kind and very thorough in asking questions about food and water, treats, playing, etc. I noticed how thorough and professional they both were, as well as how incredibly kind they were to Scout. 🙂
    The visits were reasonably priced ($20 per visit), and Val asked if we wanted intermittent texts and/or photo messages while we were away. Upon our return, Val had provided a superbly-detailed write-up (see others’ posted photos) of what she did each day while visiting Scout. It was wonderful to know that our cat was in such competent hands while we were out of the country! Additionally, I was surprised (in a good way!) at just how much she did in the 30-45 minute visit. Val changed Scout’s water each visit (which was every other day); she swept around the litter box AND shook out the rug every day. The narrative Val provided demonstrated the care she took in looking after our girl.
    Their website is a little archaic, but it gets the job done. I was able to upload my payment (Credit Card) details and view the schedule they had set up for Scout. In the future, it would be great to have an actual payment option on their website (instead of just posting the CC number); however, they did such an amazing job overall that this website thing is a minor suggestion.
    I seriously would choose to use Joy to the Pets for any and all of my future pet services. I highly, highly recommend them. Five stars!! Thanks so much.” Kat O. – 12/15/2015


  • bill_baby“They are excellent!!! They accommodated all of the pets from hamster, fish to cat while we were away with the family. I got detailed texts and came home to find everyone happy and content. In addition there was the reassurance that the house was checked and things were fine in our absence. A great experience.” Rebecca S. – 12/1/2015


  • “I’m going to be honest. I’m ridiculous when it comes to my pets.Through yelp I find these guys – and was quite apprehensive about letting navi_rouexstrangers not only in my house but to care for my two precious dogs. After ten long days away – and a daily text to joy to the pets to keep me sane, I came home to find two happy pups. Additionally – joy to the pets left detailed notes regarding each visit and even brought over more treats as we’d run out! I’d use them again and recommend them to any friend.” Sarah H. – 9/12/2015



  • cheese“Kari and Bill are super caring dog sitters. We have left our precious hound with them on several occasions. He is always happy to go back to their house, tail wagging, pulling on leash to go.” Barbara C. – 5/6/2015


  • “Hi Kari, just want to say thanks to you and Val for the excellent work. She did a fine job.  I’ll be certain to think of you next time I need help!”


  • “Thanks Kari! The cats seemed happy when I got back this morning and I could tell Val took the time to give them some company.  I really appreciate you being able to work with the short notice I often give and value the service your business provides. “


  • “Hello Kari – I am back from my trip, and Malachi and my home were well cared for. Malachi was very excited to have me home but I know he puppyenjoys his time with Claire. He’s been following me around, but he’ll get bored of that pretty quickly.”


  • “Hi Kari. Impressed as always with the service you provide.  Many thanks for/to Val & your pet sitting service.”


  • “We started using them for our cat when we were out of town for a few days and they are excellent!” Anon A. – 6/30/2012


  • “Joy to the Pets is a great pet sitting service. We have used them a few times now and are always impressed with their reliability and how well they treat the animals. The dogs always seem content and happy when we return and our house is always as clean (or cleaner) than when we left!  We have used them for both overnights and visits and they are stellar.” Lisa C. – 12/27/2010


  • “I got home and was so happy to hear that he behaved! He seemed like nothing even happened! I wanted to send such a big thank you to you and your Mom – I was so worried about finding someone down here and having you guys is literally like having a friend watch him!” Sparky tortoise1
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